A Podcast, The Creation of

The idea for this podcast came to me in 2018. I wanted to do a show for up and coming authors. And a show for Old Time Radio shows(the ones of horror, mystery, action, etc.). Mulling over the idea in my brain. I decided to create, produce, and host a podcast that would in tale both. An interview for new authors and incorporate an “Old Time” radio show.

      You are probably asking why. Well, it’s because I have seen first hand how hard it is to get your art (writings and or book/s) out there as an author.  I tried the traditional route, but that didn’t work. Probably because I didn’t do my research beforehand. At least not well enough. So I became frustrated. I had decided that I was not going to let that setback get me down. So then I tried self-publishing. That went about the same, but I did get my first book published.

There is alot of information out there. So you will need to do the research. And most important. What works for one author might now work for another. But with that being said, worst-case scenario. Try everything!

Getting back to the podcast. So the podcast I have created and am producing. It will be a mix of an “Old Time Radio” show and an authors interview & review of their current work. So, I have decided to put the authors interview to open the show. And after each interview, there will be a “Old Time” radio show played. (for additional info, click the link below)


more Info.

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