Moments Of Passion

This is another e-book of short stories, but these stories are more about romance and love. The passions and lust of, that makes one want to fall in love all over again! Click: "Learn More", button just below.

Leyana and her companions

This is the Fantasy novel I am also currently working on!

Leyana is searching for her parents, after they had been taken from their home. Where does she start, who does she trust, and how does she do this on her own? Leyana has never been on her own, much less outside her little village. Click: "Learn More", button just below.


Mystery Stories

Currently, we are also working on several short story mysteries. More like 1940's, American spy, thriller-action.

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"Audibles Live", is what we call storytelling today. Back in the day when the world was young, storytelling was usually the telling of an event or an experience. And so, storytelling has always been the way we as humans. Get our point across, to the younger generations.

Whether its a story to tell us what to do in life. Or, a story to take us away from our day to day worries. And thinking about all of the radio shows I listened to as a little tike. I was always enthralled and dreamed my worries away. Of course, I didn't have any worries then.

Whether the stories were about mystery, or horror, or spies, and even romance, etc. Today, they call these stories Audibles. Mainly because they are audio tracks, recordings of stories.

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