The Beginning, LeYana & Her Adventures

LeYana has to find her parents, but where does she start? Fight? Who, what, are you kidding? She doesn't even know how to use a sword. And on her way to finding her parents, her path crosses an extremely large and rare beast of a Wolf.

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The Sex, the Love, and the Passion

Have you been looking for that book that offers you stories of true and hardcore love? Then this is the eBook for you! As with all of my books, there are drawings that depict a number of scenes.

It's okay, you can read the eBook in the bedroom. Oooooohh, la,la, you can even be naughty. Maybe even read the eBook in your night negligee. No worries, I won't tell!

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Who AM I?

A mystery, the setting is during the 1940's.

A man wakes up, his head is throbbing and hurts like hell. As he opens his eyes, he tries to look around. He can't see, somethings wrong. Everything looks blurry to him.

He hears something in the background. He tries to get up. He knows he has to move.

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Audibles Live

I wanted more for my loyal readers and fans. So, I created "Audibles Live". Which allows readers and fans alike to be able to listen to my short stories anywhere they go. while driving to work, or maybe visiting family. On a plan, flying back to there country from vacation. Even while riding on a bus or a train.

Come and Join Us, as we take you through our worlds.

Copy of Join us every end of the week!

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