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Our Approach

For me, it's all about the twists and turns that my stories take. I think we all secretly look for that sign, of the twists and turns that show us the way. To that special place where we can see through the authors eyes and experience their stories/fantasies and make them our own.

Our Story

Ever catch yourself day dreaming? In fact many of use do day dream, and on a regular basis. Whether its to be on a different world, or underground in caverns exploring. Maybe its sailing the seven seas back in the 16th century. Want to be that secrete spy? And why not? Anything thing is possible. And stories allow us to fulfill our day dreams. Even if its just for that moment that we are engaged in the book we are reading.

And so every business has a beginning, and this is where ours begins. Allowing us to take you on our travels. So, from being the secrete spy trying to capture your enemies, to sailing a ship on the seven seas as captain. To falling in love, to running for your life. You can find it all here, with author Lee Hidalgo.

Meet the Team

The Entrepreneur, the Author, and the Chef in me are all who make up my world today!

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Founder & CEO

Apart from working a 9am to 5pm job like everyone else. I have always been an Entrepreneur, even as a child. I use to sell seeds in the summer time and post cards in the winter.



Vice President

I began as a writer back in the early 80's, I just never knew it would be a career choice later in life.





"What"! "Yes, I am also a chef". Currently I have several cookbooks in the works. But, this is a whole other category of writing for me.

You will be taken to my cooking blog/website. There you can check out many of the recipes that are available for free. And also watch step by step videos on how to cook Mexican food, also for free.

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