Audibles Live

“Audibles Live”, is what we call storytelling today. Back in the day when the world was young, storytelling was usually the telling of an event or an experience. And so, storytelling has always been the way we as humans. Get our point across, to the younger generations.

Whether its a story to tell us what to do in life. Or, a story to take us away from our day to day worries. And thinking about all of the radio shows I listened to as a little tike. I was always enthralled and dreamed my worries away. Of course, I didn’t have any worries then.

Whether the stories were about mystery, or horror, or spies, and even romance, etc. Today, they call these stories Audibles. Mainly because they are audio tracks, recordings of stories.


Over the past several years, Amazon has been one of the biggest vendors of Audibles. And I understand why. Like most Americans/Individuals(from around the world), I am just too busy to read a book. So, the alternative is listening to a book or a show while driving, on a train ride, while someone else is driving, on a bus ride, and so on.

And so, we have decided to join the Audible world as well. Currently, we are in production. The “Dark Places In The Night” series has just been in an e-book/digital format. But soon it will be available in an Audible format as well. (Print to be Released Soon!)


The “Hunted Beast”, and “Angels Of A Different Color” are the first short stories to be converted to Audible files. The remaining short stories from The Title “The Horrors Of Love” are currently in production while the other two are in their final stages of production.






And while completing the sequel to: “The Horrors Of Love”. We are also completing the production of the first short story: “A Siren And Her Sailor” from the sequel e-book; “Love With A Twist Of Fate”. Unfortunately, we have yet to begin the artwork for this short story.


Audibles Live

“Audibles Live”  has Officially been created and designed(12/04/2017). For the purpose of offering additional value to our customers’ experience. Whether it’s reading one of our forms of books or listening to that same book in “Audible Live”. “Audible Live” will remain with us here at; www.AuthorLeeHidalgo. net.

But we are considering teaming up with Apple and iTunes. And we are also considering creating our very own app… So that you would be able to read and or listen to the short stories. No matter where you travel to.