KickStarter CrowdFunding Campaign Hello Dear Family/Friends,
I wanted to reach out to you today, and take this time to explain my cause. Many of you know I am a self-published author. And this year I am taking that next step, and become a published author. Pre-Pledge or Pledge Now!

In those plans, I have decided to create a promotion through crowd-funding platforms like and My Kickstarter Crowd-Funding Promotion will go live on April 9th, of 2019. So right now I am looking for what’s called Pre-Pledges. Pre-Pledges are Pledges that are made before the campaign goes live. Pre-Pledge or Pledge Now!

So, in short. I am looking for supporters that can help me get the ball rolling on my Crowd-Funding Campaign. I am hoping I can count on you to help. There is a second part of the Promotion!


If you Pre-Pledge or Pledge now, $45.00 or more. You will be entered to win a $175.00 Visa Gift Card, and if you shoot a short video of you pledging on KickStarter or IndiGoGo to my campaign. A $75.00 Amazon Gift Card will be added to the pot. For a total of $250.00 you could win!! Pre-Pledge Now!

Rules: The rules for this particular raffle.

  1. You must Pre-Pledge, before the start of the campaign.
  2. You must pre-pledge and complete your pledge to be entered in the Raffle.
  3. To do this you must email me at: , you can also message me on FB
  4. You must receive an email or message back from me confirming your entry


So when the Campaign goes live, I will follow up with a soft reminder about your pledge! So Pre-Pledge or Pledge Now! Thank you so much for your time and support!

written by Lee Hidalgo

Here are some audio samples of some of the short stories that I wrote in my previous book I wrote in this series.